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What is the Marriage Course?

Whether married for six months or 40 years, whether in a good place or struggling, this course helps couples navigate the modern challenges of marriage.


Based on Christian principles, but designed to help couples of all faiths strengthen their relationship.

Starts September 26

Space is limited so register your interest today.

Who is the Marriage Course for?

The course is open to all married couples, no matter how long you have been married, who are looking to invest in their marriage. 

You will never be asked to share in a group or with other people.
Think of it as 7 date nights with your partner.

What to Expect:



The evening starts having dinner together with your partner. Think of it as date.



Each week you will watch a video on a different topic relating to marriage and relationships.



During the videos there will be breaks so that you and your partner can discuss the topic together.

Register Your Interest!

Course Starts: Tuesday September 26 @ 7pm

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