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Meet The Team

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Our Structure


We believe a healthy church needs both internal and external accountability, just like the first New Testament churches. That’s why we have a non-executive board internally, and external accountability through our Diocese and church network. 


We are governed according to New Testament principles of leadership. This means we seek to lead gently, humbly and accessibly, in a down-to-earth manner and with servant heart.


The Vintage Network is a network of local congregations with strong Anglican affiliations and closely linked with Holy Trinity Brompton, London. Ben is ordained through the Anglican Church and as a church we are under the oversight of Bishop Todd Hunter of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). 

Board of Directors

Our lay board members for 2024: 
Scott Summers (Chairperson), Regis Kwong, Jennie Gentske, Iza De Leon, Brandon Averill, Robyn Coates, Seth Willey, Antoine Legault, Kirsty Bortnik.

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