Ben Chase 
Lead Pastor

Ben is an ordained Anglican pastor from the UK who has been starting and growing Churches for the last 15 years. He has a heart to see people experience God’s reality and grow in the life long journey of discipleship and faith. He, Laura, William and Chloe moved to LA in early 2019 after hearing a radical call to join in with God's mission in LA.




Carla made her way to the west coast after living in New York City for 6 years. She has traveled and lived in many places that have become home. She loves people, her small dog, and plants. She has a background in the theater world, working backstage (she is trained in FX makeup, costumes, and dabbles in writing). She is passionate about storytelling, caring for those around her, and loves taking risks.


She is an unashamed dog Mom and if you ever want a friend to chill on the beach with, try a local restaurant, or explore all that California offers, she is your gal.

Carla Cavalcanti 

Church Coordinator

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Tom Read

Worship & Creative Director


Laura grew up in the UK and holds a degree in Early Childhood Studies from Plymouth University in the UK and professional qualifications from Cliff College in Child Evangelism and Nurture.


She is passionate about equipping families to live the journey of faith at home as well as church. She’s also passionate about Biblically equipping children to become leaders in ministry. In the extremely small amounts of spare time she has, Laura loves to create and bake.

Laura Chase

Children's Ministry Director


Matt is from the UK  and came to California to help plant Vintage Pasadena, working primarily with young adults and youth. You’ll sometimes find him behind a tech desk. 


Matt is commonly found adventuring through California either by car or hiking.  If you are ever in the UK and see him, it’s probably his identical twin brother, please feel free to say hello, his name is Tim. 

Matt Bird

Youth Pastor


Arlene is a visual creator who found her passion was videography while attending FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.) She grew up here in Southern California in the Inland Empire.


In her spare time you can usually always find her at a local coffee shop trying out new coffees and teas. She is very much a city girl at heart! If you would ever wish to gift her anything she is obsessed with mugs. 

Arlene Perez 

Digital Media Coordinator