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We try our best to make sure everyone who attends Vintage Pasadena on a Sunday has a great experience, and that includes parking. Unfortunately we only have limited parking spots available on site, so we ask everyone, where possible, to use the multi-storey parking lot on Los Robles. If you would like to help volunteer on our parking team, please click below.

Map showing parking lots

On Site Parking

We have two on site parking lots


Visitor Parking

This lot is accessible from Walnut Street, and is reserved for visitors and those who need accessible entry to the building. This lot fills up fast so please come early to find a spot.


Family Parking

This lot is accessible from Ford Place and is reserved for families, particularly those with babies, small children and strollers. This lot also fills up fast.

General Parking

We have free Sunday parking for Vintage Church at a general multi-storey parking lot at 110 N Los Robles Ave, and the exit gate stays open 30 mins after our service ends. If you are planning to park here, please see the instructions below.

Los Robles
Street Entrance

The entrance/exit gate is open from 9:30am - 12:30pm on Sundays. If you are exiting before 12:30pm please exit using the Los Robles street exit where the gate is open.

Union Street

This gate is not open for entrance without a paid ticket on Sundays. Please use Los Robles street to enter and exit. If you do need to use this exit please refer to the exit instructions below.

Exit Instructions

If you are exiting after 12:30pm and/or the exit gate is down (at either exit), press the bottom (blue lit) call button with the camera and say you are with Vintage Church and they will open the gate. If they do not answer or open the gate, please call us on 626-699-9820 and someone will assist you.

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