As you know, the news on COVID-19 is changing daily, however in our endeavor to stay safe and healthy we will continue to maintain some level of self-quarantine in the weeks to come.


With this in mind, our community groups are hosting weekly meetings online as well as in person, using Zoom and outdoor socially distanced in person gatherings.  Although not all are in person, it is still wonderful way to share life, pray, worship, study the Bible and build community together.

Deanne Lewis

Our Community Groups Leader Deanne Lewis

Deanne is here to answer any questions you may have and get you connected to the right online group! 

To sign up please email:



Led by Jeff and Linda Hynes 

This group welcome all ages! This group meets Wednesday's at 6:30pm.


Led By Kirby & Rachel Repko 

This group welcomes varies age groups! This group meets in person and via zoom  Thursday evening's at 7pm.

Matt Bird & Alli Burnison Group​

Led By Matt Bird & Alli Burnison

This group is for young adults. This group meets socially distanced outside on Wednesday evening's at 7:00pm. 

Young Families

Led by Matt & Lindy Lowe and Holden & Annie Tungate 

This group meets on Wednesday evening's at 8pm on zoom.



Led By John & Deanne and Scott & Lisa 

This group has varies ages and welcomes children. This group meets socially distanced outside on Wednesday evening's at 7pm.