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Ask your children to show you how they would act in certain situations, give them time to think and respond

  • Show me what you do when you are happy (smile, jump around, etc)

  • Show me what you do when you are sad (sad face, crying, etc)

  • Show me what you do when you love someone


We all show our feelings in many different ways to many different people.


Today, we are going to learn that our actions can show others that we love Jesus. In today’s Bible story, Paul and Silas were in a place they didn’t want to be but they still showed love that they loved Jesus to those around them.



Watch this video, which tells the story of Paul and Silas together


Questions to chat about (pick the ones most suitable for your children)

  • Where were Paul and Silas? (in jail)

  • What did Paul and Silas do to show they loved Jesus? (they sang, prayed and didn’t run away when the doors opened)

  • Why were Paul and Silas in jail? (for telling others about God’s amazing love)

  • How do we show we love Jesus?

  • Is it always easy to show we love Jesus?


Our actions show that we love Jesus. Sometimes it can be hard to show we love Jesus by our actions – we can get cross with our brothers and sisters; we don’t always want to do what our parents have asked, telling tidying our bedroom or setting the table. We can always say we’re sorry and try again.

  • How can we help each other to have actions that show we love Jesus?


MEMORY VERSE for today’s lesson is;





Practice saying the memory verse together as a family, maybe take a word each or make up some motions to go with it.



why not play a few of the worship songs from our VKids youtube playlist. Let the children pick songs they know and like. Turn it up loud, sing and dance along. Here’s the link



Spending some time praying together.

Maybe use the TSP prayer we learnt a few weeks ago.


T- Thank you

S – Sorry

P – Please




Building Blocks:

Challenge your children to build a jail with whichever bricks you have. I would love to see a picture of your jails, why not post them to the ‘Vintage Pasadena Vkids’ facebook group.

While we are building ask your children if they can remember our story about Paul and Silas or retell it to you.

As the children build the "jail" talk about Paul and Silas remaining happy in their love for Jesus. When the "jail" is finished, if you have some figure, they could retell the story using the jail.

Flower project:​

Color the picture and chat about how the little child is showing he loves Jesus by loving his grandma.


Color the vase and add some flowers, once you’ve done, why not write a note on the back and post it through a neighbor’s mailbox to show that you love Jesus.


Ideas to share Jesus’ love

Chat with your children about other ways we can show Jesus’ love, especially at the moment.


Some ideas:

Write letters to friends and family

Bake a cake and leave it on a neighbor doorstep

Play kindly with your brother or sister


I’d love to hear what ideas you came up with, share any stories you have on our facebook group or on Vintage Pasadena facebook group.

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