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Around The World With Vintage

Updated: 5 days ago

September 17th

12:15pm after church

Join us as we launch the Fall season with an after church gathering, games, and food from around the world! We want you to join in on the fun! Bring a favorite food dish from your home country! We want to experience food from around the world at Vintage! We will be placing little country flag on the food and would love if you want to bring anything to give insight on the food or the country!

12:15pm in the rooms across from the eleavor, just past the bathroom stairs.


We will be continuing our tradition of a cake contest on this day as well and then eating the cakes for dessert! Cakes will be judged on creativity, taste, and decoration. We will pick a main cake winner and then winners in each category. Kids are welcome to join and will be graded together.

SIGN UP HERE and let us know what food dish you will be bringing (and what country represented) and to join the cake contest!

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