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Today’s VKids at home session is about telling others from Acts 8:4-5, 26-39​.


As a family play the game called 'Chinese’s whispers'. One person in your group is to think of a simple short message such as 'God loves you', that person then whispers the message to the person next to them in the circle, then they whisper it on, until everyone has heard the message. The last person then tells the first person what message they heard. Have a few turns at being the messenger so everyone can play.


When we played this game we had to share a message with someone. Sometimes the message stays the same, sometimes it changed. Let’s think more about sharing and telling.


Questions to discuss:

  • Who do you tell things to?

  • What do you tell them?

  • Does what you tell them change depending on who you’re talking to?


We share/tell different things to different people. Today, we are going to learn that we can tell others about Jesus. In our Bible story today Philip talked to a man. Turn to Acts 8 from verse 4 in your Bible, so you can see the story and watch the following video.



watch this video

Philip was one of Jesus’ disciples and this story happened after Jesus had died, came back to life and went back into heaven.


Questions to recap the story:


  • Who did Philip see riding in the chariot? (a man from Ethiopia)

  • Who did Philip tell the man from Ethiopia about? (Jesus – that it Jesus was who is was reading about in the Isaiah passage. That Jesus is the Son of God & He loves him.

  • Why did Philip baptize the man? (because he believed in Jesus and loved him)

  • Who can we tell about Jesus?

  • Can you think of how we could tell others about Jesus? Make a list of different ways (writing them a letter, asking them to church, inviting them to a VKids event, etc)

  • Is it easy or hard to tell others about Jesus?




The verse is the same as last week;




Why not color the memory verse & stick it on your fridge.



Spend some time singing songs of worship together as a family using the VKids playlist or your own worship.



1. Color the memory verse

2. Make a cell phone – color the phone in, fold the paper on the creases and then tape it together to form a 3D phone.

Your children could pretend to call each other to tell them that ‘Jesus loves you and I love you too’.


3. Make a microphone. Take a cardboard tube and decorate as you wish. If you have a small ball like a pong pong ball it to the end to complete the microphone. You could also make a ball using foil.  Once you’ve made them practice telling others about Jesus and his amazing love.

I’d love to see your creations. Please send them to me or

post them on our ‘Vintage Pasadena VKids’ facebook group.



End by spending time chatting about who each of you could

tell about Jesus.

Write their names down and then pray for them and

opportunities to share Jesus’ love with them

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