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This session is based on Luke 19:29-38 & John 12:12-13




Kings – make a simple crown from whatever you have and take turns pretending to be a king. 

As king you can choose what you want and act it out. 

  • What are some things you might want to do as king/queen?


Parents you start to give your children the idea. Say something like ‘ if I were king, I would make sure everyone had a new ball to play with (act out bouncing a ball). As king everyone would have to follow me.’

Pass the crown to your children in turn to give them the opportunity to be ‘king’.


There are lots of things we would do if we were kings. People would follow us because kings are leaders. We are going to talk more about kings now.



  • What is a king?

  • Can you name any kings you know? (any kings are valid – Kings from fairy tales, Disney, nursery rhythms)

  • Can you name things that kings do?



Today, we are going to learn that Jesus is King! In our Bible story we will hear about when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Let’s watch the video to hear the story.


Ask your children questions about the story:

  • Who rode into Jerusalem? (Jesus)

  • What did the people shout? (Hosanna! Jesus is King!)

  • What would you do if Jesus came to your city?

  • Who is our King?


Notes for older children:

Why did Jesus come in to Jerusalem on a donkey and not a horse? 

A horse depicts a powerful, warrior king who was coming take charge of an area/lead the battle, but Jesus, although he is the King of kings, came in peace and humility. He came as a servant to save people from their sins and separation from God rather than defeating the Roman Empire. He came to deal with the bigger problem.


Look up Zechariah 9:9 – what does it say? Does it sound familiar?

This was a prophecy that was given many hundreds of years before Jesus was born. Amazing!!



Our memory verse today is;




use the youtube VKids playlist to worship together through singing and spend some time praying together. Maybe use the TSP prayer.


T- Thank you

S – Sorry

P – Please




Coloring page 


Palm leaf - make your own palm leaf to celebrate Palm Sunday. You could use it for retelling or acting out the story.

Retell or act out the story – 

Use figures you have at home (Lego, Duplo, Playmobil) to act out the story or your family could act out the story of Palm Sunday.

Screen Shot Palm Sunday at 3.12.09
Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 3.12.17 PM.png
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